As a young aspiring chef Wasif Qadri began his career in cuisine, during the 1980’s, where he learned how to prepare French and Northwestern cuisine cooking tableside at a restaurant called Maxi’s Bar and Grill in Lloyd Center Portland Oregon. While there he cooked for some famous names such as Madonna, The Beach Boys, and President Bush Senior just to name a few.

Following his family, he moved to Seattle where he first started Shalimar Restaurant on the corner of 42nd and University Way. Wasif’s hard work has built Shalimar into a high quality restaurant where you can get some of the best Indian-Pakistani cuisine in Seattle. With over two decades of experience in the business you can say he’s seen it all. He remains as dedicated to his cuisine and business as when he first opened it in 1988. Wasif prepares all his dishes with passion and care, and has spent long hours in the kitchen perfecting family recipes that have been used for centuries, and creating new recipes that are bold and original like his famous Chicken Tikka Sandwich and Jaipuri Curry.

Wasif’s enthusiasm and love for his restaurant shows. He even lived above his restaurant in the University District for over 15 years, building his reputation as respectable chef and restaurateur by making sure every dish prepared comes out the way he envisions it to be. As Wasif always says, “Raising the bar one dish at a time.”